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Monasaba concept came out to life after many years of hard work and consistency. We are always aiming to let the world know what Yemeni food is and went the extra mile by REVOLUTIONIZING the Yemeni cuisine. Our modern approach was a true success story and an important key in building our own Yemeni inspired brand. Using only premium quality ingredients, Halal meat products and various techniques, our goal is to create a menu that would be a knockout!


There are tremendous ways of crafting perfection and if we chase it, we can catch excellence. Our will made us expand even more and looking forward to many more achievements in our cuisine and Yemeni food revolution.



Introducing unique flavours inspired by Yemeni cuisine and be part of our patron's memories.



Diversify the food industry by introducing a unique international brand that showcases the rich Yemeni heritage and cuisine that appeals to most ethnicities and cultures.

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