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What is Yemeni Food

What is Yemeni food and what does it include? First we need to understand Middle Eastern cuisine, also known as West Asian cuisine which consists of Iranian, Arab, Jewish, Assyrian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Cypriot, Kurdish and Turkish. What really separates middle eastern food from many other cuisines is its use of seeds, olives, chickpeas, yogurt etc. Like many origins of food, the influence comes from the food they are able to grow. Some of the most popular middle eastern food is hummus, falafel, tahini, pita bread and baklava/baklawa.

With that in mind, Yemeni food is a more distinct part of Middle Eastern Food. Yemen is located in the South-Western tip of the Arabian Peninsula. Yemeni food’s distinct flavours comes from the use of various different spices and technique of preparation. What many are not aware of is that coffee actually originated from Yemen.

However, all of this would not have happened like many cuisines without the power of trades and adapting to certain situations in history. Many dishes served in Yemen or restaurants today are more or less the same thousands of years ago. It is said that the Queen of Shiba had gifted an assortment of spices and ingredients to the kings. This trickle effect had widely increased the popularity of these ingredients. Spices and ingredients were more than just to satisfy the hungry stomach, they were the catalyst of the increasing wealth in Yemen.

Yemeni food is made up of various spices, vegetables and meat ingredients that combine to create a synergy of unique flavours. As opposed to many cuisines in the world, Yemeni food in particular is made up of rich flavours that levels a fine balance which does not take away from the main ingredients. There are many reasons why Yemeni food tastes the way it does. Timing is key and most often you will find a slow cooking process to be the preferred method in many dishes. What this does is slowly releases aromatics and flavours while increasing the tenderness of the meat. As Yemen is a Muslim region, serving hand slaughtered Halal meat is a common practice. Despite this fact, Yemeni food has much to offer for the world. As many dishes offer a great level of differentiation, Yemen is famous for their stews, breads and rice dishes. Many would describe the cuisine to be quite hearty and flavourful.

Our team at Monasaba strives to offer our customers an authentic experience of Yemeni food. Visit us today and experience Yemen through our food.

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